Grindrod’s business

as at 31 December 2017

Grindrod’s vision is to create sustainable returns and long-term value for its stakeholders
The values and sustainability pillars guide the company in formulating its strategies, which are developed with due cognisance of identified risks and opportunities and focus on optimising the capitals as key inputs to its business operations.

Capital inputs

Our resources and relationships

Our money
Retained earnings
Equity funding
Debt funding

Our assets
Port, terminals and interlinking infrastructure
Integrated Logistics infrastructure
Shipping fleet

Our skills
Globally respected brand
Sound knowledge base
Specialised skills
Proven systems and structures

Our people
5 232 skilled employees
People-focused policies

Our relationships
Engagement structures
Strategic relationships

Our environment
Natural resources

What we do

How our business creates shared value

Freight Services and Shipping drive growth by investing in and managing suitable logistics infrastructure to create an integrated logistics solution for bulk cargo movement.

Freight Services integrates group infrastructure and logistics and freight-agency services to move dry- and liquid-bulk commodities, vehicles and containers along import/export corridors.

Shipping operates a diversified fleet of owned, long-term chartered and joint-venture dry-bulk and liquid-bulk vessels across the world.

Financial Services creates value and achieves growth through its suite of niche investment, asset management, property finance and retail services.

Financial Services comprises Grindrod Bank, an authorised financial-services provider regulated by the South African Reserve Bank, and indirectly Bridge Fund Managers and Coreshares registered investment-management companies and an FSB-authorised financial-services providers.

Strict corporate governance structures guide the business in compiling business plans and monitoring associated business performance to promote effective decision-making. Sound systems and structures provide for effecting transactions and engaging with stakeholders.

Capital outputs


Capital outcomes



Outputs from providing our products and services


Our value-add


Our impact on society

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Revenue inflows


Funding projects

Maintaining and growing investments and infrastructure

Paying tax and levies to central, regional and local governments

Paying suppliers and employees

Dividends to shareholders


Infrastructure growth

Community development through, inter-alia, corporate social responsibility funding

Capacity to support growth

Provision of public infrastructure and services

Financial wellness and rewards

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Seamless logistics value chains


Viable logistics solutions


Export growth support

Sustainable communities in areas of operation

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Governed business management

Innovative, bespoke offerings to clients


Managing the business within objective legal and ethical frameworks


Generate and maintain employment opportunities

Stimulate economic growth

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Employee safety and well-being


Personal and professional growth

Access to equal opportunities

Commitment to business goals and growth


Decent work and economic growth

Reduced inequality

Sustainable communities

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Mutually beneficial stakeholder involvement


Mutual understanding of business goals and balance in the needs, interests and expectations of stakeholders


Improved stakeholder sustainability

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Mitigate adverse environmental impacts


Responsible consumption, feasible and quantifiable reductions in adverse effects


Reduced emissions, coastline preservation and improved sustainability on land and below water

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